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Volunteer Chaplaincy Ministry

Our pastors and Lay people are serving as a Volunteer Chaplains in our local hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, jails, and during a time of disaster. Many more volunteers are needed. A chaplain offers spiritual care to individuals outside of a church context, such as in a hospital, school or workplace. Most chaplains in the United States come from a Christian background, but they may minister to people from many different religious, spiritual and cultural backgrounds. Their main tasks involve listening to, comforting and praying with people who need spiritual support, often in difficult situations. Volunteers needed for Sampson and Duplin Hospitals, Prison, Sampson and Duplin county jails, local nursing homes, as well as in time of disaster. If you are interested in first time volunteering feel free to contact the EBA office for more information. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of people that are hurting and suffering through difficult times by supporting them prayerfully and spiritually.

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