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Senior Adult Ministry

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Our Seniors got together for an Independence Day Celebration with a Grilled Hot Dog/Hamburger Lunch and Show! 


Shellum Cline entertained us with his humor and country songs!

Our "Outside" July Celebration was moved inside

Turned out to be a Great Day Inside!

Our Senior Adult Ministry sponsored a Lunch, Laugh & Love recently-

We served the typical Armenian lunch which is a good amount of homemade sourdough bread & butter, cheeses, rice with chicken. They don't usually have a lot of meat.

We had 
"Award Winning Cooks" in the kitchen-Sara & Kent Southerland cooking rice & chicken and Steve Boone cooking chili-Delicious Guys!

IMG-9985 - Copy.jpg

Pat Matthis from Warsaw Baptist brought the laughter and finished with his famous "Butter Bean Song"

Paul Langston, our former Director of Missions who is now with the State Convention and Asatur Nahapetyan, the General Secretary of Armenian Baptist spoke about the new foreign mission project to build a church and school in Armenia for the Yazidi refugees. The Armenian Baptist have already secured the land for the construction and our Association is committed to raising the funds for the construction. 
It's awesome to think that God can still use us on a project half way around the world!
God has entrusted this project to us and we are off to a great start!
Continue to pray for the project as we hope to have the funds raised and teams going to help build by next year!

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The New Project

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We had a Great Offering Seniors!

You helped move  us a little closer to the goal!

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