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Eastern Baptist  Life & Recent Events

Charity Senior Food Box Distribution is going Great!

And don't forget, we need
Volunteers every month to make it work- Call Tammy and  get involved!

Don't forget to sign up for one of our equipping classes starting January 23rd! Call our office today to sign up or go to the  Course sign up tab!

Proverbs 1:5
Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance.


Our Armenian Mission Group returned with lots to tell!

Our Armenian Team along with a couple of our new friends!

The construction is 
going well on the
building and the wall. We mixed lots of cement!

And of course lots of prayer covered the construction site and the communuity-

Hopefully the construction will be complete in the spring!


Our pastors taught the men and preached in a service each night-

Our women prayer walked the community and met lots of new friends!

We even had a few hours to site see and visit the holocaust museum

But always one of the greatest things about a mission trip is all the new friends we make -


And getting to know the friends that traveled with us a whole lot more!

We're just all 
"One Big Happy Family"

Our 3rd Annual Pumpkins & Praise Fall Festival was a Great Success!

Peace and Sharon Baptist Church Choirs lead the Praise and the local Queens brought more entertainment!


Mr. Paul Langston is the man who started the Wheelchair Ramp Ministry years ago-He has sinced moved on to a calling with the Baptist on Mission but comes back every year to make funnel cakes, cheese curds and other treats to sell and support the ministry he started!

We Love You
Mr. Paul!

Our WMU booth had great crafts and hand painted
works of art!

Carolyn Cottle of Peace
was our lead ticket salesman again this year-
Way to Go Ms. Carolyn!

Amelia Henderson
made her famous Lemonade which she always donates to the Wheelchair Ramp Ministry. 
Great Job Amelia!


Several of our churches had booths, sold some items, auctioned some great pieces and
some just "spread the love" of Jesus to those attending!

Fantastic Fudge Garland!


You missed a treat if you didn't try
Creek's Boiled Peanuts or  Strawberry Fig Perserves


Or Peace Baptist's homemade cinnamon buns, caramel corn and homemade ice cream

or Johnson's wonderful chocolate chip cookies and tons of other delicious treats

Rowan always knows how to "take care of a crowd's hunger" and they did with their Turkey  BBQ Sandwiches

It was just a great day to sit back, take in the crowd, do a little shopping, a lot of eating and "Praise our Great God for all He's doing"

These girls dance bare foot in the grass-Great Job girls!


Always just the right sounds- Way to Go!

Great Fun!


Great People!

You can talk
now Bev"

Big Smiles!

All added up to make a Great Pumpkin & Praise Day!

Can't wait till next year!


Look Who made the Cover of the Biblical Recorder!


The Foundation is laid and the Walls are up!


Look close and you can see Mt. Ararat! What a view!


It is so amazing to see that God is using    our Association to build a church in "The Land of Noah"! We are still working on our goal-let's get it finished EBA!

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