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Lilly Wooten is a young vivacious Christian who loves to tell others of the love of Jesus. She is attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and is the daughter of Bartley and Beth Wooten of Beulaville Baptist Church.

Week 59

Lilly's thoughts this week...

The Verse on the Wall

     As you walk into the midst of my family’s home there is a chance you will be greeted by the smell of a watermelon lemonade candle, a few clothes that have not made it to the closet, an inviting couch with multiple scattered pillows, and maybe even a sweet treat that is sitting on the kitchen counter. Although I cannot promise these will be the first things that catch your eye as you walk into the place I call home, I can promise that your eyes will notice the verse, Romans 12:12 printed in black, visible, curly letters on the facing wall as you walk through our door.. 

                 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

     This verse has been on our wall for as long as I can remember, but it was not until recently have I truly begun to reflect on how Romans 12:12 should be an active part of my life. Mainly, because there has been a lot of uncertainty concerning my future vocation and next steps in life. Oftentimes, anxious thoughts try to creep in and dominate my mindset. But when I see this verse on the wall at my home, I am quickly reminded to check my spiritual life in these three areas - rejoice in hope, be patient in times of tribulations, and remain constant in prayer.

      So what does it look like to live out Romans 12:12 in everyday life? This past week an elderly lady in my church went to be with the Lord and as we celebrated her life, her daughter expressed that Romans 12:12 came to mind when she thought about the godly faithfulness of her Mom. As I sat and listened, I began to think how special and wonderful it must be to continually live out Romans 12:12. 

      As Christians, everyday we have a reason to rejoice in hope because Jesus rose from the dead. Even though we may experience times of sorrow or hardships, we can have confidence that everything is going to be okay because Jesus is no longer in the grave. But how often do we take time to genuinely rejoice in this wonderful gospel hope? When tribulations come are we quick to give up and let our fears overtake us. The Apostle Paul encourages us to be patient, holding tight to the hope we have in Jesus. Of course, rejoicing and being patient is strengthened by a consistent life in prayer. Communion with the Lord is the glue that keeps everything together when you feel like things are falling apart. So, let me encourage you to practice these three things. Life can be hard sometimes but God provides everything you need to make it through those challenging times if we trust in Him.

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