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Pens with a Purpose-

the Face of Jesus across the World

You may think that an ink pen is simply for writing, but an ink pen can be an instrument for making an eternal impact. The Eastern Baptist Association is selling handmade ink pens  to support church plants in Cuba & Armenia,  a school in Haiti, to build a Cottage at The Door of Hope in Johannesburg, South Africa and the ministry supports a Medical Clinic in Guatemala . It also has made an impact in Kenya and Gaza. 100% of the proceeds from each ink pen sold goes directly into the mission God desires. We are embarking on the 10-year Anniversary of the ministry and

"To God Be the Glory for the Great Things He has done"!

Please  continue to pray for the ministry and the impact it is having on International Missions.

 Pens With a Purpose handmade ink pens are hand turned on a lathe which makes each one unique. 

They are on display and can be purchased at Charity Rebuild Center at

1333 West Charity Rd., Rose Hill,  NC.

If you would like to learn how a simple ink pen has been the Face of Jesus across the world, contact us and we will be glad to come and share "the story" with your group or church. We guarantee you will be motivated to find "your story" in missions.

Thank you for your support of this life changing ministry. If you would like further information about one of the missions supported through Pens With a Purpose or if you would like to purchase an ink pen, razor, key ring or seam ripper...  Please call Tammy Weeks at 910-385-1567 or email tammy@easternbaptistlife .com


Genuine Olive Wood from Bethlehem

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