Literacy Ministry 


Equipping the Church to share the message of Jesus Christ through the gift of reading. New EBA Ministry- Give a Gift Literacy……

Help someone learn to read.

For the nearly 1 billion adults in the world who cannot read and write, life is especially difficult. They are:

  • Unable to read important documents

  • Unable to communicate through text or writing

  • Unable to read the Bible

 Among the illiterate of the world, poverty rates are higher; diseases and sickness are more prevalent. There is hope! All over the world, in just a few months, adults are learning to read and write, and this transforms their lives and communities. A new reader is confident and engages his or her community in a positive way. If you can’t read the Bible how can you expect to be a part of a growing and thriving community of faith? When people can read the Bible for themselves, they experience God in a deeper more personal relationship, and this helps protect the church from false doctrines. Retired teachers are you looking a way to serve God with the gift He has given you?  Please consider volunteering to teach someone to read.

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