Rowan Pastor, Clay Carter and Cameron Dunn, Youth Minister and the  Kids from Grove Park recently make the News!

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Carter leads missionary work in community

Rowan pastor makes service his mission

By Brendaly Vega Davis
     At Rowan Baptist Church, mission work serves as the lifeblood of the church - and Clay Carter leads that community  outreach.
     Carter and his fellow volunteers work on missions such as putting together vegetable boxes, building wheelchair ramps and serving the community in various ways.
     For the vegetable boxes, Carter and his church pass out USDA boxes of vegetables to people on Mondays. For the wheelchair ramps, a group of people will go out and build ramps for people in the community. People take in applications to the Department 
of Aging and then they tell the ministry where ramps need to go.
     Several months ago, the ministry built a ramp for a young girl who was in an accident and the family needed a ramp to help get her wheelchair in the house. Another woman needed a ramp because her knees would hurt too bad when she tried to walk up the steps of her house.
     Carter likes the fellowship that mission work provides.
     "The thing I like most is to be out and be the hands and feet of Jesus," Carter explained. "Because Jesus told us to go and help out the least of these. That's the best thing about it."
     Carter has been pastor of Rowan Baptist Church for five years now. He is originally from Wallace and

went to Wallace-Rose Hill before attending NC State University. He was a farmer for 25 years but decided to go full time with the church. He felt that he was juggling taking care f a farm and being a pastor, and wanting to give all his tine to God.
     "If you can be full time to serve your community and your church and God, That's the best thing to do," Carter noted.
     The pastor stated that he got his Master's in Divinity at Campbell University. He has known for 15 years now that he wanted to give his life to  God.
     He first got interested in being a pastor when he was at a church in Wallace working with a deaf and hearing 

impaired group. He was 34 at the time and he had just returned to the church. A woman came up to him and told him that the hearing impaired group needed help. He heard what he believed to be an audible voice saying to help them. He stated that he didn't think anything of it at the time
because he was young and immature.

     Carter taught himself  sign language and began teaching the hearing impaired group. The more he taught, the more he felt called into the church to be a pastor. He stated that he felt that something was missing in his life and it was God.
     Carter is married to Heather, who is originally from Clinton. They two have four children, Kipp Hawkins, Madison Hawkins, Madison Hawkins, Noah Carter and Jacob Carter.


Carter and a group did a mission in West Virginia where they took backpacks, did construction work and held Bible Study courses. This year the group plans to go back to West Virginia and build a small church while doing a Vacation Bible School class.
     The pastor has done mission work in South Africa, Cuba, Haiti, the Ukraine and Brazil. Most of the projects are based 

in construction. Carter does not claim to be an expert in construction and he is not a contractor, but he loves doing the construction projects.
     "You surround yourself by people who know what they're doing and who love it," Clay advised. "That's why it works so well."
     His dream, when his wife retires, is to do mission work with his wife wherever the Lord takes them.

Sonshine Kids name Outstanding Youth Group

Cameron Dunn, Youth Pastor of Grove Park accepts Most Outstanding Youth Group trophy from Becky Spell Vann and Tim's Gift Sonshine Kids.