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Our 2023 Armenian Mission Group returned with lots to tell!

Our Armenian Team along with a couple of our new friends!

The construction is 
going well on the
building and the wall. We mixed lots of cement!

And of course lots of prayer covered the construction site and the communuity-

Hopefully the construction will be complete in the spring!


Our pastors taught the men and preached in a service each night-

Our women prayer walked the community and met lots of new friends!

We even had a few hours to site see and visit the holocaust museum

But always one of the greatest things about a mission trip is all the new friends we make -


And getting to know the friends that traveled with us a whole lot more!

We're just all 
"One Big Happy Family"


Armenia Team Pic.jpg

God put together an amazing team for this trip!

Armnia Women's Team.jpg

Our women's team ministered to the
Armenian women and children in many ways including    VBS!

We were able help out with some  construction work and funding!

Lily ministry.jpg

Lilly Wooten as she ministers to the people there!

Sabrina Maragelis
and "Brooksie" as they minister  through  music!

Michael's daughter.jpg
Mt. Arat.jpg

The team  said  Mt. Ararat    was clearly visible many days- it is often covered with clouds because of its high altitude

Mt Arat 2.jpg

And on a clear day-could there be a more beautiful view!

Mt. Ararat    is the place where Noah's Ark came to rest on dry ground after the great flood and is the national symbol of Armenia

Pic 3.jpg

Richard Weeks,  Michael Maragelis and  Bartley Wooten preached many sermons as  Greg Brown and others gave testimony

New church.jpg

We were also able to pray with our friend, Asatur and other Armenians over the construction    site of their new church   building-
It's so amazing to think that God  re-started His   work of  gathering a race of people for Himself at the very place that we now have  opportunity to help with a new church building- thousands of years later. Let's get it done!

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